The panel of the Feb. 11, 2020 Breakfast Series discusses diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The Idaho Business Review hosts five panel discussions throughout the year featuring five or six experts covering timely, relevant business issues.

Prior to COVID-19. all Breakfast Series events featured a continental breakfast and were held at the Grove Hotel in Downtown Boise, 245 S. Capitol Boulevard.

Due to the outbreak, these discussions are now held on Zoom. We hope to return to the Grove once it is safe for public health. Each discussion begins at 10 a.m. and runs for roughly one hour.

A story summarizing each Breakfast Series discussion appears in the Idaho Business Review.

2021 Breakfast Series Schedule

Virtual Events

2/9/2021 Tech trends

Idaho’s technology sector was one of the few bright spots of 2020. Our panel will discuss what needs to happen for this to continue in 2021.

Moderator: Bradlee Frazer, partner, Hawley Troxell

Frazer chairs the firm’s Internet and Intellectual Property Practice Group. In addition to emphasizing and focusing on all facets of internet law, intellectual property law, and information technology law, he also helps clients with related transactional work and litigation.  He has also written extensively for national legal publications and law blogs, and is a frequent speaker on internet, intellectual property, and computer law topics and is a regular guest lecturer at Boise State University on those subjects. 


Nick Crabbs, partner and founding member of Vynyl

Vynyl is a product development firm that works with corporations, institutions, and investors to build unique mobile, web, applications that are technically excellent, visually appealing, and create real & measurable business value. Prior to his work with Vynyl, Crabbs spent nearly a decade working for some of the nation’s largest banking institutions, local municipalities, and large enterprise environments as an IT specialist and manager. Embracing his more entrepreneurial endeavors, community engagement and tech evangelism Crabbs has worked with several start-ups, local community organizations and leadership with large-scale events to leverage his knowledge and expertise in technology, management and recruiting to judge events, offer mentorship, speak on panels, and contribute to a growing tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Denise Dunlap, co-founder and managing partner of Sage Growth Capital

Dunlap  has a record of successfully building and operating companies as well as coaching startups and entrepreneurs. Two of her former roles include CEO of an IT services company and director of Boise State University’s business incubator. She has been an active angel investor and leader in the angel investment community since 2008, and travels the country teaching angel investing courses as an Instructor for the Angel Capital Association’s Education program. She co-founded Loon Creek Capital Group in 2010 and has grown the company to provide consulting and administrative services to hundreds of angel investors across the country. In 2019, Dunlap co-founded Sage Growth Capital, a fund that makes revenue-based investments in a wide variety of companies that need growth capital but are not a fit for traditional bank or equity financing. She holds a BBA from Boise State.

Amy Gile, co-founder and CEO, Silverdraft

Gile began her career in the media and entertainment industry in multiple aspects of the industry including actor and producer.  She identified a need in the industry for a better solution for production and for the artist. The demands of rendering, animation, and visual effects required a sophisticated approach to computing. She knew that there was a better, faster way to bring complex content to the masses.  She co-founded Silverdraft and has dedicated herself to building the highest performance compact supercomputers on the market for various industries including automotive, and media and entertainment.  She is a TEDx speaker.  

Robert Poleki, CEO and founder, Washie

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Poleki was an elected official in Bannock County. He has worked in the government sector for over a decade, primarily in social services. He decided to take a leap of faith with a toilet seat idea he had while taking his four-year-old son to a public restroom. After filing for a patent in 2015, a patent was issued by the USPTO in 2018. He decided to quit his job as an elected official to begin his entrepreneurial journey with his new company, Washie. Washie sells and creates innovative products for public restrooms with their feature product, Washie Toilet Seat, launching 2021.

Tiam Rastegar, executive director, Trailhead Boise

Born in Iran and raised in Germany, Rastegar came to Boise in 2000 and lives there with his wife and two children. Rastegar received both his undergraduate and Executive MBA from Boise State University. He has wide-ranging experience in sales, marketing, product and program management, mergers & acquisitions, and other areas at Boise startups since the early 2000’s. He currently leads Trailhead as its Executive Director, Boise’s nonprofit hub for entrepreneurship and startup incubation.

4/6/2021 Legislative wrap-up

Between property taxes, a surplus, COVID, and a new Legislature, this year’s session was unlike any other. Our panel will discuss the business ramifications of the session.

 6/1/2021 Tourism in the post-COVID world

What a long, strange trip 2020 was for the tourism industry. With vaccinations becoming more widespread, our panel will talk about how 2021 is looking.

Live Events

8/3/2021 Mortgage rates and real estate trends

With low interest rates and high demand, Idaho home sales were on a torrid pace in 2020. We’ll check in with our panel to see how 2021 is doing.

10/5/2021 Office life in 2021

2020 Breakfast Series Events


October 6 – Keeping Idaho Healthy: Innovators shaping the industry

August 4 – Idaho On the Move: Transportation trends

 The August Breakfast Series has been switched to a free webinar in light of social distancing. It will be held via Zoom.

July 14 – Food Culture: Growing Idaho’s food industry


Join us to learn from Idaho producers about the food cycle, from farm to table. We’re hungry for information!

The July Breakfast Series was switched to a free webinar in light of social distancing. It was held at 10 a.m., July 14, via Zoom.

June 2 – Idaho Tourism: COVID-19 response and recovery

The June Breakfast Series has been switched to a free webinar in light of social distancing. It will be held at 10 a.m., June 2, via Zoom.

When the COVID-19 virus swept across the world this spring, tourism was one of the hardest hit industries. Join us for a discussion of how Idaho tourism businesses are coping and planning to move forward from the pandemic.

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