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Private-suite karaoke lounge opens in downtown Boise

Voicebox Karaoke opened Dec. 13 in downtown Boise. Photo by Chloe Baul

Treasure Valley karaoke fans just got an early Christmas present.

Voicebox Karaoke, a box-style karaoke lounge that helped inspire nationwide growth in Asian-style karaoke, launched their new location in downtown Boise on Dec. 13.

The unique spot, located at 781 W. Front St., offers eight private karaoke suites that surround a central bar equipped with a flat-screen TV, two microphones and remote-controlled selection of 71,000 songs. Each Voicebox location is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, light dimmers, pitch adjustment and other fun gadgets, like the 18th century musical innovation known as the tambourine.

“(Voicebox) is a marriage of technology in our most human essences. Our culture began 100,000 years ago, sitting around a campfire singing and telling stories — we’re just a continuation of that line, of what is essential to our human identity,” said Scott Simon, Voicebox founder and CEO. “These days, our faces are always in our screens and we’re sort of being isolated by technology. I really believe technology can also bring us together.”

With two locations in Portland, one in Denver and one in Boise, Voicebox is in expansion mode. The company plans to open another location in Fort Worth, Texas, in the next few weeks. Additional locations are set to open in Pheonix, Houston and Dallas next year.

Voicebox Karaoke CEO Scott Simon cuts the ribbon the new downtown Boise location. Photo by Chloe Baul

The Boise location is the beginning of Voicebox’s new retro branding design, which will be applied to succeeding locations. Its visual elements of soundwaves, rich colors, wood surfaces and curved walls was designed to feel modern and sophisticated, but also approachable, said Simon.

“The stakes here are so low — you’re not on a stage, you’re not even performing, you’re just goofing around and having a really fun time with whoever you’re with,” Simon said. “It’s about gathering and celebrating, and once people have tried it, they’ll get it. That’s why I’m so excited, because everyone in Boise is about to understand how cool this is.”


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