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A word with Dave Armga about ConDoc software

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Dave Armga

The traditional image of a construction site shows a sheaf of blueprints with workers standing around them, and in a large part of the construction industry, that’s still the case. According to the 2018 ConTech Report, 40% of construction companies still use paper and pen on-site. Some consider the construction management industry to be one of the least digital of all industries.

The result, though, is that U.S. construction companies are wasting billions of dollars annually on mistakes, rework and miscommunication — reportedly over $200 billion in 2018, according to an article in Bisnow.

Consequently, a number of companies have been formed to address the issue and allow the construction industry to go paperless, saving time, reducing errors and making it easier for workers to exchange information.

One of those products is ConDoc, based here in Boise. We spoke with Dave Armga, president and CEO of the parent company, ArmgaSys, about how its technology can be used in construction.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What does ConDoc do, and how did it come about? What is it that people can do with it that they couldn’t do before?

ConDoc enhances the speed and quality of communication and accountability with the entire team across all phases of your project. We are guided in everything we do by our mantra of “Construction Documentation Simplified”.

But, we didn’t start out that way. Originally, our product was a construction daily reporting app, iDailyReports. Several years ago, one of our largest customers called me late on a Friday afternoon and said “We love how iDailyReports operates, but it doesn’t do anything we really need. Can you do RFIs?” My response: “What’s an RFI?”

The development team spent that entire weekend building a new RFI module, which was deployed the following Monday. The customer loved it! This series of phone calls continued to repeat as we learned about Submittals, Plan Management and markup just to name a few of our (now) core functions. It didn’t take long for the team to realize we were incorrectly branded under the iDailyReports moniker. ConDoc was born soon after.

How many users does it have, and how widely is it used around the world?

ConDoc has over 3,000 companies registered in the US, Canada and Europe to as far away as Australia.

Speaking of Australia, we had one of our most interesting support calls from Alice Springs, Australia. The contractor was having a very hard time accessing the ConDoc portal. It turned out Alice Springs has a ½ time zone (+9.5), one of 14 locations in the world. As a development team from Boise, we had not accounted for fractional time zones in our UI (who knew?). Needless to say, the issue was resolved very quickly!

Who are its competitors?

Our primary competitors are Procore and PlanGrid.

What is the relationship between ConDoc and ArmgaSys?

ConDoc is currently a DBA of ArmgaSys.

What is your role in the company?

I am one of the founders and currently hold the President and CEO positions.

How many employees does ConDoc have, and what sort of offices do you have (when you’re not all working remotely)?

ConDoc currently has seven dedicated employees with another ten shared resources from ArmgaSys. Our offices are located in the ArmgaSys corporate headquarters in Boise.

How is it funded?

ConDoc is funded by ArmgaSys as part of our internal product incubator.

What goals does ConDoc have for 2021?

Our growth to date has been entirely due to word-of-mouth advertising. We had originally planned a nationwide marketing launch in FY20. However, like so many others, we had to shift focus due to COVID-19. We look forward to continuing to meet our customers’ needs as well as resurrecting our full marketing campaign when it is safe to do so. If you are a potential customer, we can’t wait to meet you!

What is its exit strategy?

Always an excellent question, which consistently generates some amazing conversations within the team. Opportunities abound in the world of the zebra!


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