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A note from the editor

There’s a theme of positivity in this week’s edition, spanning pages through the entire issue. 

Alx Stevens

Maybe you’ve already seen our cover story this week — featured first online — which showcases an Airbnb potato-loving Idahoans can be proud of. Catie Clark got to chat with the owner of The Big Idaho Potato Hotel and heard about how she came by this incredibly large potato structure and how she transformed it into the attraction it is today. That article highlights our tourism focus section this week.

We’ve also got uplifting news about two of Idaho’s universities collaborating on big projects — Boise State University is continuing to expand its cybersecurity education and community support opportunities (story by Ken Levy), and the University of Idaho is participating in an IGEM-funded rare-earth minerals extraction endeavor (reported on by Catie).  

I guess you could also say there’s a theme of funding in this edition, as Catie also wrote about government funding allocated for bridge restoration throughout the state.  

For more hard-hitting news, Catie shared what several Idaho businesses are doing to address the affordable housing shortage for employees who work in resort communities. Our intern Karsten Thayer provided an update on how health care workers and the state of Idaho are navigating COVID-19 vaccine regulations. And Sharon Fisher provided a look at how Idaho is responding to border-crossing taxations from the state of Washington.  

Deeper into the edition, Catie also wrote about the Boise Greyhound bus terminal, which is under new ownership, and there’s a piece from the Idaho Capital Sun about legislation that would require Idaho medical students to either work in the state for a period of time or pay back tuition stipends. Also not to miss is our Biz ‘Bites’ section, which is packed with government and private business updates alike, and a special bite that, we promise, is not an April Fool’s Day joke.  

Our business viewpoints also hit on hard-news topics this week: housing affordability (or lack thereof), preparing Idaho youth for the state’s workforce and employers offering incentives to employees.  

In more light-hearted coverage, Catie also shared insight into In-N-Out Burger’s successful business model, and what we need to know about the company’s secret menu. 

To wrap up this week’s printed paper, there’s an update about the Idaho Youth Ranch’s Residential Center for Healing and Resilience; I shared a peek into the Middleton facility beginning to take shape.  

Finally, to continue the positivity theme, this week’s print edition includes our Power List of Idaho Startups. Don’t worry, you can also find those featured profiles online on our website.  

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor of the Idaho Business Review. She can be reached at [email protected]  

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