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Recovery could be just around the corner

Negotiations between President Obama and Congress regarding the fiscal cliff have us all holding our breath over what the economy will do in the coming year. Will protracted posturing and negotiations via the media lead to a solution? And at ...

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Real work begins after elections

It’s been said that “elections have consequences,” and that saying is very true. The reason it’s true is that the decisions made by the people we elect have consequences. This year’s elections were hard fought. From the top of the ...

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A call to be ambitious

Remember when success was a good thing? And what it was like before successes and business owners were demonized by political leaders? Remember when people could talk about their successes and ambitions openly? My favorite opening line when I visit ...

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Commentary: Landscape for health care is changing

In the coming few months the Supreme Court is likely to rule on the constitutionality of federal health care reform passed in 2010. But regardless of whether insurance purchase mandates or other rules stay or go, for most of us ...

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The construction industry is still languishing

Don’t we all wish we had a crystal ball? I hid mine in the closet about four years ago and can’t seem to find it. Very few people can honestly say that they saw our prolonged recession coming a year ...

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For construction spending to increase, businesses need economic certainty

We all know that the construction industry has lost jobs – a lot of jobs. We all know that nonresidential construction spending is a fraction of what it was in 2008 and that residential has shown only the slightest indication ...

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