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Federal judge: St. Luke’s violated antitrust law

A federal judge says a Boise-area hospital violated federal antitrust laws when it purchased Idaho’s largest independent physicians’ practice. U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill made the ruling Jan. 24, ordering St. Luke’s Health System to undo its buyout of ...

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Idaho exchange unsure if enrollees were uninsured

Idaho insurance exchange officials don’t know if the 20,000 people signed up for coverage effective Jan. 1 hail from the ranks of the uninsured, or if they previously had coverage but switched to exchange policies because they’re now eligible for ...

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A new year, a new set of rules and deadlines for Obamacare (access required)

photo of wheelchair

What’s a surefire way to stop business owners in their tracks? Throw a whopping dose of uncertainty in their path. They’ll be more likely to hold off on capital investments, freeze hiring and just generally operate in panic mode. In ...

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Idaho CAT fund costs have doubled since 2002 to $53M

Annual medical costs for Idaho’s indigent population doubled since 2002 to nearly $53 million, including both and state funding. The chairman of the Catastrophic Health Care Fund, Roger Christensen, told Joint Finance-Appropriations budget writers Jan. 16 the price tag dipped ...

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Your Health Idaho gets breakdown of enrollees (access required)

Nearly 20,000 Idahoans have selected a health insurance plan with Your Health Idaho, out of about 40,000 people eligible to enroll in a plan. Your Health Idaho, the state’s insurance exchange, released data from the U.S. Department of Health and ...

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Idaho exchange: Enrollees blossom to 20,000

Enrollment in Idaho’s insurance exchange has blossomed after the federal government fixed the website that residents use to sign up for health insurance coverage. Roughly 20,000 people signed up for individual and family coverage in time for it to begin ...

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Med school enrollments rise, but residency spots are limited (access required)

By 2020, the U.S. could find itself more than 90,000 physicians short, according to estimates. Five years later, the shortage could be more than 130,000. An optimistic sign: Nationally, applications and enrollments are increasing at medical schools. But the optimism ...

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In-hospital ads making no headway in Idaho (access required)

Posters pitching products are common in airport terminals, as are rotating signs selling services at the mall. But advertisements inside hospitals? Health-care facilities have historically adopted more somber tones, but many around the nation are changing that tune as advertisers ...

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Politics color governors’ decisions on Medicaid

Partisan politics are coloring governors’ decisions about whether to expand Medicaid in their states, affecting billions of dollars and thousands of low-income people. The question of whether they receive Medicaid coverage may have little to do with need, and much ...

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