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Letter from the Editor Aug. 13

“But what if the Delta variant changes things?” 

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Alx Stevens

The question crossed my mind as I was planning this week’s coverage, and made me hesitate. 

On page 7 of the Aug. 13 edition you will find a Q&A with the Boise Centre, where staff members share their experiences resuming events in the space after last year’s in-person events largely moved to online platforms. With the state’s reopening and the COVID-19 vaccine widely available, the Boise Centre is moving ahead full-bore with celebrations, conferences and other get-togethers.  

As of today though, with news headlines reporting increased COVID-19 (and variant) cases, and health care leaders are voicing concerns, and a few large-scale events like the Festival of Trees have already been canceled, some, myself included, can’t help but wonder if more event cancelations will follow, and if the latter half of this year will look unnervingly similar to last. 

I kept the Q&A piece for this week’s paper for several reasons. As a journalist, I want to preserve moments in time as they are. The situation may evolve differently than last year — events may again adapt rather than be canceled. And, despite last year’s challenges, Idahoans, and the nation and the world really, proved their resiliency and adaptability. I personally believe and hope we all will (figuratively speaking) get our arms around the Delta variant as fast, if not faster, than we did with COVID-19.  

Readers will also find articles about something new possibly coming to Pocatello Airport, and housing affordability – which includes an interesting data-driven analysis by our expert reporter Catie Clark. More coverage on that topic is currently in the works, such as a recap of what our Breakfast Series panelists had to say about the subject (regarding mortgage rates and real estate). Our intern Royce McCandless shares that a Meridian business is hoping to make an impact in Walmart with its innovative take on wall decals.  

And our focus section – education – has articles by me, Catie and Sharon Fisher ranging from anesthesia simulations to an update on a newish nonprofit. Several stories actually may bring some feel-good news about community partnerships working to address challenges like workforce readiness and health care expertise, other subjects readers can expect more coverage of in the future. 

It would be remiss if I did not also point out some feel-good news on Page 3 (the dedication of Cheri Buckner-Webb Park) and Page 2 of the current edition: Idaho Business Review has announced our annual Leaders in Law and Excellence in Finance honorees. Editor Lauren Bonneau shares what makes these Idahoans stand out in their industries and when the community can gather to celebrate their recognition. Congratulations to all the honorees! 

Is something missing? We want to hear from you! We appreciate news tips, article ideas, thoughts on what’s going on in the community and industry and an expert look at evolving topics.  

 — Alx Stevens is the managing editor for Idaho Business Review. Contact her at [email protected] 

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