Forum on the Future is an annual panel discussion designed to address the important issues you need to know as you enter a new year. This year, we will be facilitating these panel discussions virtually, as a four-part series.  As a result of many challenges we all have had to endure in 2020, Forum on the Future will take the approach of applying what we have learned and use this knowledge to pivot into the new year. Thoughtfully selected panel participants will be prepared to offer their insight and area expertise on expectations of growth, workforce and health care as well as legislative issues expected in 2021. 

12/1 – Learning to Adapt 

The pandemic has resulted in increased unemployment, job shifts, corporate restructuring and a remote work environment.  All these changes have had both negative and positive impacts on businesses in Idaho and the workforce landscape.  What changes will be temporary and what will be permanent?  Join us for an in-depth discussion on how we can adapt to the new normal. 

12/8 –   Connecting the Dots

In-migration is on the rise, impacting growth in the Treasure Valley. What was once a valley comprised of farmland and rural communities is transforming into a bustling metro area. How will the municipalities prepare for future growth and what impact will this growth have on the areas of transportation, construction and real estate? Learn more from a panel of experienced professionals on how they are preparing for what lies ahead and how they are pivoting through change. 

12/15 – In session

In this panel discussion, qualified professionals will discuss post-election issues and what Idahoans need to know about concerns facing the business community.

12/22 – Preventative Measures

Health care providers and front line workers have been instrumental in navigating our way through the pandemic. We have learned that preparedness is key, so what’s next?  Join us for an informative discussion on how we all can prepare for a safer, healthier community. 

Click here to read the report from Forum on the Future: 2020 Vision.

Panel 1: Impact of Growth | Panel 2: Pressure in the Housing Market | Panel 3: Putting Skills to Use

Moderator Lindsey Brist and panelists Penny Dennis, Cory Jakobson, Trish Quarles and Jim Shipman discuss growth in the Treasure Valley during the first panel discussion of Forum on the Future 2019. Photo by Pete Grady


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