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A note from the editor

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Sharon Fisher

How well is Idaho recovering from the pandemic? It depends on whom you ask, and what statistics you look at.

Certainly, part of Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s job is to be state cheerleader, not only to potential residents and businesses that might move here, but also to current businesses and residents. But when you look at statistics other than the ones the Governor and others have been touting, like our intrepid reporter Catie Clark did this week, Idaho’s recovery doesn’t look quite so sunny.

That article is part of our Focus this week on law and government. Also, our versatile freelancer Alx Stevens wrote about a nationwide virtual program that incarcerated Idahoans are using to help them become entrepreneurs when they’re released. Finally, we wrote how laid-off former Idaho HCL America employees are eligible for federal funding because their jobs moved overseas.

Recovery or no, people are still moving to Idaho, particularly during the pandemic. Catie also learned that Meridian not Boise was one of just four cities in the Northwest that made it to the top 20 moving destinations. And just to show how versatile Catie is, she also wrote about a potential Chobani IPO, a new Saltzer surgical facility in Meridian, a redevelopment project in downtown Mountain Home and a look at where mortgage rates might be going.

In this issue, we also announce our Women of the Year honorees for 2021. It’s fitting that, with Women of the Year being our last live event for 2020, it’s also going to be our first live event for 2021. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, particularly health care workers and researchers.

Sharon Fisher is interim managing editor of the Idaho Business Review.

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