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Addressing harassment in the workplace: get it right (access required)


We are all learning from the #metoo social movement. The report accompanying Time’s Person of the Year selection of “The Silence Breakers” is sobering and should be read as a call to action. Good employers know that the best way ...

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Tiny homes could play a big role in alleviating housing shortages (access required)

Sullivan and Richter

A paper given at a recent urban design conference by Heather Shearer of Griffith University in Australia may be helpful in addressing housing shortages, especially with regard to affordable units. Shearer suggests that “tiny homes” may play a role. Tiny ...

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Family businesses need objective advisors (access required)


After a lifetime of dedication and success, your client is ready to retire from the family business. He’s designated his two adult sons as 50/50 owners. One has worked in the company for a decade. In fact, he’s second in ...

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Some legal concepts every construction foreman should know (access required)


Have you ever filed a construction contract after signature, only to have it surface in the event of a contract dispute, with terms unfamiliar to all parties except the principal and signatory on the document? One of the only constants ...

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Make a fresh start in marketing, business development (access required)


Season changes are a great time to start fresh and focus on marketing and business development. Law firms and individual lawyers can use this time to reflect on current practices, get back on track, develop a plan of action, and ...

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How to stay OK with OSHA (access required)

Cory Haller copy

Construction projects, both big and small, pose a host of safety risks and challenges. Ask anyone who has ever swung a hammer and they will tell you that sometimes accidents on a jobsite are unavoidable. Construction employers, and in some ...

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Glade Runner adds another mountain rush to Bogus Basin

Idaho Business Review staff writer Teya Vitu.

I committed myself to go full-bore down the new Glade Runner mountain coaster at Bogus Basin. It’s a gravity-driven ride on more or less a one-person sled, though it can seat two. You control the speed. Push the handles forward ...

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‘If only I had more time’ — encouragement for procrastinators (access required)

Karen Natzel Web

I once had a mentor who chastised me every time I explained that I didn’t have enough time to make progress on a long-term, stretch goal. He taught me that the top three knee-jerk responses for not accomplishing something was ...

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Ways to increase holiday well-being (access required)

Shawn Healy copy

Even though the holiday season comes around every year, it can’t hurt to take a moment to remind ourselves about the ways in which we can increase our well-being during this time. Whether you associate the season with enjoyment, dread ...

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Ten ways to guarantee your press release is toast (access required)


The venerable press release remains one of the best tools to share important news with the media. Lawyers commit news and news outlets — newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online — always are looking for news and good stories to ...

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