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Debbie Donovan, administrator of student programs, Boise School District

When Debbie Donovan moved from teaching to administration, it made her sad. “At first, it was a hard transition,” says Donovan, who became a principal after almost two decades of teaching in the Independent School District of Boise City. “Being ...

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Finia Dinh, computer science program manager, Idaho STEM Action Center

Finia Dinh may not be an engineer, but she’s responsible for helping develop a pipeline. That pipeline is the one that educates students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), one that is producing the skilled workforce that Idaho needs ...

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Vanessa Crossgrove Fry, assistant director, Idaho Policy Institute; assistant research professor, School of Public Service; doctoral candidate, Public Policy and Administration

photo of vanessa fry

Vanessa Crossgrove Fry came to Idaho because she decided she’d rather work with people than with birds. After earning her undergraduate degree in biology from Wittenberg University, Crossgrove Fry began working in Cornell University’s renowned ornithology lab. “I thought that ...

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Laurie Bell, executive director of Mini Joys Inc.

Though she’s now retired after two decades of teaching physical education, Laurie Bell still spends a lot of time in schools. “I just get to take horses with me when I go inside now,” she says. As executive director of ...

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Jan M. Bennetts, prosecuting attorney, Ada County

When Jan M. Bennetts joined the Ada County prosecutor’s office in 1994 and began fighting for crime victims, she knew she’d found her life’s calling. “I never looked back from that moment forward,” she says. “I was all in.” More ...

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Carlyn Blake, executive director, Ūsful Glassworks Inc.

Carlyn Blake had a life-changing moment in 2009. Little did she know at the time, but that moment would lead to a renaissance in her life, and that renaissance would be sparked by empty glass bottles. And helping people. That ...

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