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Fisher’s Technology expands into Washington with acquisition

photo of fisher's technology spokane

With the acquisition of ABC Office Equipment, Fisher’s Technology now has two Washington offices, including this one in Spokane. Photo courtesy of Fisher’s Technology.

With the acquisition of ABC Office Equipment, Fisher’s Technology has now expanded into Washington, as well as its current locations of Idaho and Montana.

photo of chris taylor

Chris Taylor

ABC has two locations in Washington, in Spokane and Colville, both of which Fisher’s will continue to operate, said Chris Taylor, Fisher’s CEO, based in Boise. The company now has four locations in Idaho, five in Montana, and two in Washington, which will also serve North Idaho, he said

The price was undisclosed.

“Geographically, it completes the state of Idaho for us,” Taylor said. “It also adds a nice market,” as Spokane is nearly the size of Boise. In addition, the company is a good cultural fit, he said.

Of ABC’s 19 employees, Fisher’s will take on about 15 of them, Taylor said. A few, including the CEO, were close to retirement. “We did interviews with everybody,” he said. “There were a few who decided it wasn’t a long-term fit. Overall, the people and culture were similar to us.”

Fisher’s probably won’t be taking on any more geographic expansion any time soon, Taylor said. “We want smart growth, not just growth for the sake of growth,” he said.

In addition to the states in which it already operates stores, the company can also service eastern Oregon and the parts of Wyoming near Jackson and Billings, Montana, because it has technicians who live in those areas, he said.

In September, the company expanded its Montana presence by acquiring Davis Business Machines. As with ABC, the CEO was selling the company due to retirement.

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