Scott Moscrip, 2019 Icon

Alx Stevens//August 16, 2019

Scott Moscrip, 2019 Icon

Alx Stevens//August 16, 2019

Scott Moscrip

Photo courtesy of Truckstop.com

He may have sold his company and stepped down as CEO, but Scott Moscrip is far from finished with Truckstop.com.

“Fortunately, the company still wants me for my brain,” Moscrip says, “because I have a whole lot of ideas. In fact, in New Plymouth, I have a whole room in my office that’s dedicated to ideas that still need to be developed. Probably, conservatively, we have 10-12 years worth of ideas already that need to be developed.”

Moscrip says his ideas come from faith, saying that faith precedes inspiration. He founded Truckstop.com to aid truck drivers in finding and taking on freight loads. He left his job with the Department of Defense in 1995 to create a website when the internet was still new, and he continues to explore new computer and other technological changes to aid truck drivers and those in the transportation industry in moving goods quickly.

“Once you’ve got the confidence that you can receive that inspiration, then it cycles back around, and you have to take that leap of faith and make that step into the dark,” says Moscrip.

The company has expanded to employ almost 500 people and at some points has featured $500,000 worth of load transportation opportunities for truck drivers.

“Frequently, they thought maybe there were two or three jobs, ‘Why should I bother looking,’” says Moscrip. “We were showing there were hundreds of thousands of jobs. Everything we work on is (to) make our customers’ lives better.”

Moscrip has also worked to make the lives of his employees better. As the value of the company increased, Moscrip and his wife pondered how to give back to the employees. Ultimately, this April, Moscrip announced to the company that everyone would receive a bonus equivalent to one year of their salary.

“It’s something I had planned on doing for a very, very, very long time,” says Moscrip. He and his wife were looking for a fair way to share the benefits.

“We love parables, (and) one of the parables Jesus taught was the parable of the laborer where it didn’t matter if you were hired at the start of the day or at the end of the day that everyone got the same wage … We’ve been tickled to be able to share that gift with them.”

Moscrip’s attitude toward giving extends into his community at large. His volunteering includes being a member of the New Plymouth Kiwanis and Booster clubs and supporting various schools, youth sports and the local FFA chapter.

Under Moscrip’s direction, says Matt Stubbs, senior manager of public relations and communications, employees are given paid time off to volunteer. Stubbs remembers volunteering with the Salvation Army. Others have worked with Ronald McDonald House and the Idaho Food Bank.

“What I am most pleased with, with my business, is how well it has helped so many other people,” says Moscrip. “And I love how my employees have caught that vision, that our focus of the business isn’t to make money, (it’s) to help others.”


After graduating college with degrees in physics and management information systems, Scott Moscrip worked as a computer research and development specialist for the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. He was hoping to further integrate the internet into the department. He was called back to New Plymouth in 1995, when he launched Truckstop.com to connect truck drivers with load transportation opportunities. Moscrip stepped down as CEO in 2015, but continued to serve as chairman starting in 2016. This year, he sold his majority share of the company.


Marrying Carmen and helping raise five children

Serving as New Plymouth’s mayor

Inspiring a vision of helping others

Receiving a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding service and support of U.S. Armed Forces Veterans