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Skip Hall, 2019 Icon

Skip Hall Skip Hall is known for his coaching career with Boise State and motivational speaking to business leaders. But those are not the two things he wants to talk about most. Hall had a spiritual awakening after leading the ...

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Tammy de Weerd, 2019 Icon

Tammy de Weerd A passion for parks became a long, fulfilling career for Tammy de Weerd. She has had a measurably positive impact on her community as she completes her final term as the mayor of Meridian. Throughout her 16 years ...

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Skip Oppenheimer, 2019 Icon

Skip Oppenheimer Skip Oppenheimer is known throughout Idaho for his commitment to building thriving downtowns and his generosity with time, money and talents. He has lived most of his adult life in the public eye and has earned respect far ...

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Scott Moscrip, 2019 Icon

Scott Moscrip He may have sold his company and stepped down as CEO, but Scott Moscrip is far from finished with “Fortunately, the company still wants me for my brain,” Moscrip says, “because I have a whole lot of ...

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Patrick Rice, 2019 Icon

photo of pat rice

Patrick Rice The first taste Patrick Rice had of the service industry came when he was just 15, in the form of freshly backed biscuits and garden fresh produce from the kitchen of his grandmother’s cousin in Novia Scotia. Rice ...

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Michael Satz, 2019 Icon

Michael Satz “My biggest passion is making things better for people,” says Michael Satz, who attempts to better the lives of others on a daily basis. This passion was instilled in Satz at a young age by his mother, who ...

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Margie Gonzalez, 2019 Icon

Margie Gonzalez Growing up as the child of two migrant workers, Margie Gonzalez traveled from state to state with her family of 10. Following in the footsteps of her family, she eventually made the decision to settle in Idaho, and ...

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Linda Montgomery, 2019 Icon

Linda Montgomery Linda Montgomery has made her mark as a multiskilled, empathetic and influential leader. Throughout the years, her many accomplishments have made a difference on a national and international level. Montgomery was born and raised in Idaho. Her parents ...

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