Legacy, aspiring leaders honored during Idaho Business Review’s blended celebration 

Alx Stevens//June 3, 2022

Legacy, aspiring leaders honored during Idaho Business Review’s blended celebration 

Alx Stevens//June 3, 2022

Loved ones — family, friends, colleagues — filled Boise Centre East room 400 Thursday night to celebrate and honor up and comers to veterans in industry. Every year, the Idaho Business Review recognizes the legacies of Idaho’s iconic citizens and individuals under age 40 pioneering their careers, but this year was different.

Friends, family and coworkers of Idaho Business Review Accomplished Under 40 and Icon honorees gather at Boise Centre for a reception. Photo by Alx Stevens

“While the Idaho Business Review made history by bringing the Accomplished Under 40 and Icon Awards programs together, it is very gratifying to be able to offer the opportunity for groups from both ends of the career spectrum to come together to network and share their stories,” said Cindy Suffa, publisher of the Idaho Business Review. “It is impressive and inspiring to read about the 40 young leaders and the words from the Icon’s spoken at the event were truly humbling. We are blessed to have so many talented accomplished individuals among our business community.”  

“This is a tremendous group of individuals. And I’m extremely impressed with the audience that is here. You’re here and you’re vibrant,” said Icon honoree Dirk Kempthorne. “To…all of you who are under 40, God bless you. Continue to make a huge difference in this magnificent state.” 

Every person brought something unique to the evening event — from tear-triggering stories to chuckle-worthy jokes — but there was a sameness in shared sentiments of gratitude, humility and hope. 

“I’m only here tonight because I’ve been so lucky…lucky to have met my wife…who continues to support me and my family…lucky to have had two partners ask me to join them in developing and operating affordable housing…I’m lucky to have had dedicated employees, colleagues who became friends to work beside…and I’m lucky to have had two sons who chose to work with me,” said Icon honoree Jim Tomlinson. “Yes, I was and am lucky; I was not born in Idaho, but I’ve been grateful to call Boise our home for 46 years.” 

The program kicked off with introductory remarks from presenting sponsor Boise State University (BSU) College of Business and Economics (COBE). Mark Bannister, dean of the college, provided opening remarks, including the importance of continuing one’s education and a warm welcome to the honorees.  

Idaho Business Review hosted its annual Accomplished Under 40 and Icon awards programs June 2 at Boise Centre. Photo by Alx Stevens

“It’s great to be here and be in a position to support, to congratulate, all of the 2022 accomplished individuals,” Bannister said. “Congratulations to award winners, and thank you all.” 

And Icon honoree Mary Ann Arnold welcomed the first group of Accomplished Under 40 recipients. 

“I really think it’s a privilege to be here this evening and joined by all these wonderful honorees. I look out and I see everybody that is here, and you know, everyone has contributed to Boise’s quality of life and from where I stand, the future is looking pretty darn terrific.” 

Ten individuals receiving an Icon award each took the stage to introduce 10 groups of those accomplished under 40 and offer meaningful words.  

“It’s an honor to be standing up here tonight with all of you amazing people…thank you,” said Icon honoree Michael Shepard. “If there’s one thing I could say to all the fabulous under 40 folks here tonight, please keep housing, especially affordable housing, as a top priority. Because that’s where success begins.” 

“I wouldn’t change a minute of my 30-year career. I’m thankful for a profession that I love and for the amazing people that I get to do it with every single day…(But) how do you do these things without family?,” said Icon honoree Gail Hartnett. “(And), faith makes all things possible. Hope makes all things work, and love makes all things beautiful.” 

“Don’t wait until you’re 50, and over 50, to get involved,” said Icon honoree Larry Leasure. “Many of you already are. But the truth is, now is the time — when you have the energy and the time and the excitement — to give back…The opportunity is there before you, and we all need that.” 

Everyone praised their community connections, and the support of their loved ones.

Supporters gather as Icon and Accomplished Under 40 honorees stand together for event photos. Photo by Alx Stevens

“This is really humbling; I am honored. I also want to acknowledge we don’t do this alone,” said Icon honoree Bert Glandon. “I have been so blessed to work with people who have had the same kind of passion and dedication. We have been so successful here in the Boise metro area…you as a community that voted to tax yourself to start this community college, congratulations; you have been nationally recognized.” 

“It has been and continues to be a pleasure and an honor to have opportunities and privilege to associate with so many business, community and corporate leaders in our great state,” said Icon honoree Kelly Robertson. “The opportunity to be a financial partner providing capital and financial resources to so many businesses, to help Idaho grow, creating thousands of jobs so that families can truly live in this great state is really a rewarding experience.” 

All words were of value. 

“I have had an amazing number of mentors throughout my life; I’ve been very blessed that way. I’m incredibly appreciative of my deceased influences…and I have an incredible support systm to this day…I would like to acknowledge some of the most outstanding mentors that have guided me through the last 38 years,” said Icon honoree Suzi Boyle. “(And) just remember, it’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get up in life that matters.” 

“It has been a pleasure all my life to live in Boise…I have watched Boise grow from a burg of 30,000 people…to a sophisticated place where we go to operas at the Egyptian Theater. It has been fun all the way through. I’m proud of the city and I’m particularly stimulated by the fact we are honoring so many young people and their energy and their leadership in the future…” 

This event was also sponsored and supported by Boise Centre and Boise Metro Chamber’s Boise Young Professionals program. Each Accomplished Under 40 and Icon honoree is also recognized in their award group publication.