McCall to open coworking space

Sharon Fisher//November 13, 2019

McCall to open coworking space

Sharon Fisher//November 13, 2019

photo of mccall community hub
Community Hub McCall is a coworking space for nonprofits and small businesses. Photo courtesy of CUB McCall

McCall is opening a coworking space intended for nonprofits and local startups.

Known as “CUB McCall,” for “Community Hub,” the building will operate in partnership with Luminaire, a McCall-based business.

“They’re handling the nuts and bolts,” said Andrew Mentzer, executive director of the West Central Mountains Economic Development Council.

The space, which is scheduled to open on Nov. 15, is intended to be a regional hub and will have room for about five nonprofits, two businesses, and one startup, Mentzer said. It will include WiFi, a lounge and meeting space, as well as a meditation studio and informal kitchen.

“It’s going to be a great meeting space, teaching space and learning space,” he said, adding that he’s excited about what it could do for the community.

The look will be like a boutique hotel lobby, with furniture that can be moved around its 750-square-foot space, Mentzer said. The space can likely support from five to eight organizations of one or two people each, or 10 to 15 people total with them coming and going, he said.

The building is hosted by Luminaire, which offers meditation and humanities classes.

The West Central Mountains Economic Development Council is moving to the facility, Mentzer said. The Ponderosa Center, which is working to help develop a $20 million performance venue for downtown McCall, is also considering setting up shop there, he said. There are discussions with other local nonprofit organizations that Mentzer said he couldn’t name.

At $75 per month, the space is “really affordable,” he said. “We expect to have a packed house by the end of November.”

The organization is also accepting sponsorships of furnishings for the meeting space. “It’s working well so far. We have close to $1,000 in pledges or cash in hand,” said Renée Silvus, owner of Luminaire, in an email message.