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Biz ‘Bite:’ Biden Vaccination Mandate lawsuits consolidated

Biden Vaccination Mandate lawsuits consolidated

The Biden administration’s vaccination mandate will now go to the U.S. Sixth Court of Appeals, which will decide whether to overturn the temporary stay against the mandate or stop it with an injunction.

The mandate, which was issued through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration using a rarely-invoked emergency power, received a temporary stay from the Fifth Appeals Court on Nov. 6, which it reaffirmed on Nov. 12. Given that there are now over two dozen challenges filed in federal courts contesting the Biden vaccination requirements for employers, it was a given that the cases would be consolidated. Consolidation is a common practice by federal courts.

The lottery to determine if the Biden policy will stand or receive a permanent injunction was won by the Sixth Appeals Court. The consolidation order lists 24 different lawsuits contesting the Biden mandate.

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