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Idaho financial wizards are recognized for their excellence in finance

Kevin Learned, director and founder of Venture College at Boise State University, was the featured keynote speaker for the 2016 Excellence in Finance power lunch and awards event. Learned spoke on: "Young Start-Ups Winning Jobs, Boosting Economy." File photo.

Some of us get sweaty palms just thinking about numbers; then, there are those who revel in them. The 16 Excellence in Finance honorees for 2017 are definitely in the latter category as they represent “the best of the best” ...

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What’s for lunch? Awards, a talk and live tweets


In the new economy, millennials aren’t lining up to be hired into existing positions; they expect to create their own jobs, said Kevin Learned, the keynote speaker at Idaho Business Review’s Excellence in Finance Power Lunch. About 150 people attended ...

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Investment: Raleigh Vachek

Vacheck, Raleigh

Raleigh Vachek has always had a passion for motivating and inspiring others. As a kid, she thought she might like to follow in her parents’ footsteps and become a coach. She doesn’t work in athletics today, but interpersonal skills are ...

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Corporate: Sid Sullivan

Sullivan, Sid

For Sid Sullivan, life is all about the challenge. “I love people challenging me, and I like to challenge myself,” he says. “I love the opportunities that come with challenges and I love the opportunity to be a puzzle solver.” ...

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Banking: Ben Chaney

Chaney, Ben

Ben Chaney likes to be busy. Growing up in Boise, he watched his mother, a foreign-language teacher at his private high school, work from dawn to the early hours of the morning, taking care of the family and her students ...

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Professional: Jason Coronado

Coronado, Jason

Jason Coronado’s personal philosophy is pretty straightforward: work hard. Be active in the community. Make time for family. A named partner at Deloitte Tax LLP in Boise since the tender age of 33, Coronado brings his best to the profession. ...

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Banking: Cassie Fontaine (access required)

Fontaine, Cassie

Idaho Independent Bank is a community bank and Cassie Fontaine takes that charge very seriously. “As a community bank, we do it all,” Fontaine says. “I try to focus on the welfare and success of my clients. I like understanding ...

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Banking: Christi Garcia

Garcia, Christi

By the time she was in junior high she had already mapped out the next several years of her life, with the help of her father. “We talked about the different options throughout high school and what steps I needed ...

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Banking: Benjamin T. Nelson

Nelson, Ben

Sometimes the littlest things can send people down their career paths. For Ben Nelson, it was a piece of candy worth about a nickel. “Ever since I was a little kid I’ve wanted to be a banker,” Nelson says. “Any ...

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Banking: Kurt Gustavel

Kurt Gustavel

A little more than a decade ago Kurt Gustavel became the president of Idaho Independent Bank when he was 35. That’s a lot of responsibility for a man of that age. “At the time I probably would have told you ...

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