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G. Richard Bevan, 2019 Leaders in Law Lifetime Achievement Award

photo of g. richard bevan

Fair, thorough and just Leading from the bench with compassion and a commitment to the rule of law   Loved and respected by all his colleagues — from assistants to superiors and defendants to prosecutors — Idaho Supreme Court Justice ...

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Anthony Shallat, 2019 Leaders in Law

Advocacy, entrepreneurship and preservation At the junction of history, technology and community advancement   Anthony Shallat started his career in politics, but soon moved to civil rights and white collar fraud litigation with Angstman Johnson before joining Fisher Hudson in ...

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Christine Salmi, 2019 Leaders in Law

Christine Salmi, 2019 Leaders in Law honoree

Dedicated, compassionate and engaged Using legal expertise to lend a helping hand and mentor new lawyers   Christine Salmi is an accomplished and highly respected attorney who leads by example. Her most important work has been legal representation provided at ...

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Nicole Snyder, 2019 Leaders in Law

Driven, dynamic and devoted Using hard-earned success to inspire others   Growing up in rural Ashton, Idaho, Nicole Snyder enjoyed being on her high school debate team and set her sights on becoming an attorney, in part to empower women ...

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Peter J. Smith IV, 2019 Leaders in Law

Making the world a better place Effecting change by guiding people through challenging situations   While attending Walla Walla University, Peter J. Smith IV took a year away from college to volunteer in Monteverde, Costa Rica, where he and a ...

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Tara Malek, 2019 Leaders in Law

Thoughtful, fearless and goal-driven Ensuring gender equality in the legal profession   Tara Malek is a mission-driven leader who always seeks the truth, shows compassion and leads with integrity. “I enjoy helping people, my community and contributing to make the ...

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Caitlin Elizabeth O’Brien, 2019 Leaders in Law

Making a difference through law Providing opportunity to change the world   When Caitlin Elizabeth O’Brien began college at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, majoring in psychology, she hadn’t considered a career in law. “I thought I wanted to be ...

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Jillian Caires, 2019 Leaders in Law

Advancing the practice Educating, serving and advocating in tribal and real estate law   Fulfillment and success are more than just cases won for Jillian Caires. Her peers know her for her efforts outside the courtroom, including her service on ...

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Jill Twedt, 2019 Leaders in Law

General counsel gives back by mentoring Encouragement by teacher led to a career in law   Jill Twedt, who became interested in the law when she was in elementary school, had help with her career aspirations at an early age. ...

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Sandra L. Clapp, 2019 Leaders in Law

Caring for conservatorship Founding a practice protective of minors and the elderly   Sandra L. Clapp thought she would go into real property law. Instead, her early years on the bar guided her toward conservatorship for minors and elderly family ...

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