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Breakfast Series report: Idaho Tech Trends (access required)

photo of boise startup week

We learned this year just how dependent we were on tech, when we all started working from home and Zoom became a transitive verb. Idaho’s tech community — also known as the entrepreneurial and the startup community, because it’s not ...

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Breakfast Series report: Keeping Idaho Healthy (access required)

Around the world, health care providers have been tested like never before by the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. In Idaho, doctors and nurses moved quickly to offer critical care to coronavirus patients and slow the spread of the virus when it ...

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How value-based health care is responding to COVID-19 (access required)

American history is filled with moments that challenged science, medicine, and business to move faster than it wanted. These pivotal moments often resulted in new technology or practice that was a significant benefit to our communities.  Idaho is a fantastic ...

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Breakfast Series report: Idaho on the move, transportation trends (access required)

Earlier this month, the Idaho Policy Institute, a non-partisan research organization at Boise State University, released a study that outlines the state’s transportation needs and how much they will cost. Its unequivocal message: Idaho must raise new revenue now to preserve its ...

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Finding a transportation solution we can all support

At the Aug. 4, 2020, Idaho Business Review Breakfast Series forum, “Idaho on the Move…Transportation Trends,” Boise State University’s Idaho Policy Institute shared the results of an update to a 2011 study, “Modernizing Transportation Funding in Idaho.” Working with a group ...

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Breakfast Series report: Exploring Idaho’s food culture (access required)

photo of dairy cows

While the humble potato may be Idaho’s most famous product, the Gem State is home to a burgeoning food scene with flourishing fine dining restaurants, farmers markets, wineries and breweries. On July 14, the Idaho Business Review connected with some ...

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Breakfast Series Report: Idaho tourism confronts COVID-19 (access required)

photo of airplane

When COVID-19 hit Idaho in March, every industry was affected, but few were harder hit than tourism. Air travel dwindled to a few half-empty planes; hotels were virtual ghost towns. The story was the same across the country, and the ...

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Breakfast Series Report: Talent in Technology

Idaho’s mountain vistas may be a far cry from Silicon Valley’s bustling streets, but the Gem State is a growing tech hub, boasting startups such as Cradlepoint and Vynyl as well as stalwarts such as HP and Micron. According to ...

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