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Panelists share food innovation insights in various Idaho companies, industries (access required)

Food innovation is in Idaho’s roots, as Jessica Anderson with Amalgamated Sugar put it. Idaho Business Review’s June 9 Breakfast Series event at The Grove Hotel showed just that, as five individuals with connections to agriculture — like sugar beet and urban ...

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‘A ripple-effect’ of housing challenges — mortgage rates and real estate trends  (access required)

Low housing inventory, climbing home prices and a shortage of workers and supplies are just a few not-so-secret challenges facing stakeholders in the mortgage lending and residential real estate industries statewide, so, Idaho Business Review asked five industry stakeholders to ...

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Idaho tourism recovering from COVID-19

Yes, we are coming back. Idaho and the Boise metro area have already seen the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. As we readjust to today’s version of near-normal, I’m delighted to report that visitors are ready to ...

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Breakfast Series Report: Idaho Tourism (access required)

photo of city of rocks

After a year where for some of us our big travel was going from the living room to the kitchen, it’s looking like 2021 — thanks to the coronavirus vaccine — is shaping up to be a bang-up year for ...

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Breakfast Series Report: Idaho Legislature Wrap-up (access required)

photo of idaho state capitol

It shouldn’t be surprising that after 2020, a year unlike any other, we had the 2021 Legislative session, which was also unlike any other. We didn’t expect that last year when we were planning this year’s Breakfast Series panels; in ...

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Breakfast Series report: Idaho Tech Trends (access required)

photo of boise startup week

We learned this year just how dependent we were on tech, when we all started working from home and Zoom became a transitive verb. Idaho’s tech community — also known as the entrepreneurial and the startup community, because it’s not ...

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Breakfast Series report: Keeping Idaho Healthy (access required)

Around the world, health care providers have been tested like never before by the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. In Idaho, doctors and nurses moved quickly to offer critical care to coronavirus patients and slow the spread of the virus when it ...

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How value-based health care is responding to COVID-19 (access required)

American history is filled with moments that challenged science, medicine, and business to move faster than it wanted. These pivotal moments often resulted in new technology or practice that was a significant benefit to our communities.  Idaho is a fantastic ...

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