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Mandi Herbert, owner, director of HR and marketing, Wright Brothers, The Building Company in Eagle


Mandi HerbertAs she herself says, Mandi Herbert, 36, likes to set lofty goals.

For instance, Herbert, an Eagle native, is a lifelong dancer, but not just when a good song comes on the radio. Trained in “every style you can imagine,” Herbert was a member of the Boise State University Mane Line dance team all through college, serving as captain of the squad for two years. The team members were national champions three of her years in school. Herbert also started her own dance company in California after graduation, Xtreme Dance Company, and danced for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers Spirit team. She’s also choreographed for BSU, Idaho Stampede and high schools in Idaho, Washington and California.

“I’ve always had the passion for dancing, and I pursued it to where I wanted to,” Herbert says. “I think I’m able to say I’ve done my best with it.”

And while many attend four years of college with the aspiration to acquire one bachelor’s degree, Herbert earned three. She graduated from BSU in 2003 with bachelor of business administration degrees in business management, human resources management and accounting. Her first love was accounting, but when the introductory classes weren’t what she’d expected, she went after her other two majors and decided to minor in accounting. However, having taken so many accounting classes already, she figured she “might as well take the rest” and add another degree to her list.

“I actually fell in love with accounting even more at that point,” Herbert says, laughing. “It just took taking those more advanced classes to get me there.”

Today, Herbert puts her skills to work in a business that goes back to her roots: Wright Brothers, a business created by her grandfather in 1956. He started the company in Rupert, and Herbert’s parents decided to continue his vision in Eagle in 1986.

Herbert herself has been with the company from the ground up – quite literally. The whole family was involved from the get-go, so for Herbert as a child, that often meant getting paid a penny for every nail she picked up at job sites. As a teenager, when the company built the Boise Hawks Memorial Stadium, Herbert, who couldn’t yet drive, walked behind a friend driving a pickup and tossed into the truck bed every rock she could find in that massive field.

“It’s been a dream of mine for my parents to pass this company on to me and to build what they have started,” Herbert says. “It’s pretty cool to see how far it’s come.”

Herbert is one of four owners of the company today, and in addition to wearing a boss’ hat, she runs all the HR and marketing. On a daily basis, she deals with payroll, new hires, educating employees on job site safety, creating experience portfolios for potential clients and even heading up a “green committee,” which is dedicated to promoting sustainability and eco-friendly building practices. Outside of Wright Brothers, Herbert also has her own accounting business, Blooming Bean Accounting Solutions, and a property management company, Reliance Asset Management.

Her favorite role, though, Herbert says, is being mom to her children. She and her husband, Brian, a commercial real estate agent, have three at home: Dakota, 5; Skylar, 3; and Cooper, 18 months.

In summing up her motivation for everything she does, Herbert says: “I am constantly in awe of others and their actions in both my personal and professional life,” she says. “It has become my lifetime goal: ‘to inspire.’”

Most memorable airplane trip: “An old friend who became a pilot took me up in a small plane in 2002 and I got to see a new side of Boise. It was a totally different experience, with no destination, just seeing everything Boise and Idaho have to offer.”

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