Madacsi Studios moves to Garden City’s arts district

Teya Vitu//June 18, 2018

Madacsi Studios moves to Garden City’s arts district

Teya Vitu//June 18, 2018

Madacsi Studios moved into a garage/cold storage warehouse complex in Garden City’s Live Work Create District. Photo courtesy of Susan Madacsi.

Madacsi Studios has moved into Garden City’s Live Work Create District, an area designed to enable artists to live and work in the same building.

Blacksmith Susan Madacsi moved her operation from a leased space on 44th Street in Garden City to a garage/cold storage warehouse two-structure property that her father, Paul Madacsi, bought for $275,000. She leases the space, which is at Osage and 38th streets.

Madacsi is one of about 40 artists who work in the Live Work Create District, which was created by Garden City in 2007, said Jodi Eichelberger. Eichelberger is program coordinator at Surel’s Place, a hub in the district that produces First Friday events, workshops and art walks.

“The district allows artists to have a studio with commercial purpose and live at the same location,” Eichelberger said. “It also allows mixed uses: to have a house next to a warehouse next to a transmission shop or coffee shop.”

Madacsi does not plan to live at her 38th Street studio, but she said future plans could involve a residential building on the property. She does sublease space to four other artists.

Blacksmith Susan Madacsi

This is consistent with the nature of artist districts. Only 11 artists have permits in the Live Work Create District, but Jenah Thornborrow, Garden City’s development services director, acknowledges some artists in the district don’t have permits and others are tenants of permitted artists.

Even though Madacsi had a studio for four years within blocks of the district, she was not specifically seeking to move into the district.

“It just happened to be here,” she said. “I was looking for anything that was affordable. I looked all over the city (Boise). It took about a year and a half.”

Madacsi employs traditional blacksmithing techniques with steel, copper and bronze. Separately, she also does glass work.

“NeighborWorks has already reached out to me to do work for their projects in Garden City,” Madacsi said about the Boise organization that has built affordable housing pocket neighborhoods in Garden City. “It’s nice to be closer to everybody (artists). I’m excited about the entrepreneurial businesses coming down here.”