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Jaclyn St. John, 2019 Accomplished Under 40

Jaclyn St. John

30 •Health and wellness manager •

Dairy West • Meridian

Myth-busting and fact-checking are just part of the day-to-day work for Jaclyn St. John, who spends her days spreading her passion for living a healthy and happy lifestyle beyond the walls of her workplace as the health and wellness manager at Dairy West.

St. John has an extensive resume, boasting master’s degrees in human sciences and clinical nutrition from Texas A&M and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, respectively.

This intense educational background is just part of the equation, however.

St. John was also a 2015 Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year honoree. The award, given by the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2015, required a commitment to community.

St. John’s outreach-heavy approach to her work brings her the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with consumers, spreading her positive attitude, contagious laughter and energy to everyone she meets.

These traits are particularly important when fostering the growth of others in her field.

Crystal Wilson, vice president of employee development and engagement at Dairy West, believes St. John takes on the mentorship portion of her job with ease.

“Daily, I am impressed with Jaclyn’s inquisitive nature,” says Crystal Wilson. “She demonstrates a strong desire to grow professionally and personally. … Within our organization, Jaclyn plays a critical role in mentoring new health and wellness employees. She serves on our culture committee and is instrumental in creating and supporting a positive work environment.”

St. John’s commitment to nonprofit work shows the same dedication to supporting those around her.

A proponent of community-based volunteer work, she was named 2018’s Big Sister of the Year by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho.

St. John doesn’t take the honor, or her stewardship, lightly.

“I’m proud to be a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Idaho for the past four years,” she says. “I meet my Little Sister at her school for a weekly lunch date.”

St. John also works within her community during her time away from her career.

“I also enjoy volunteering to greet the children at RockHarbor Church every week,” she says. “Any opportunity I have to make a difference or give back, I jump on it.”

On top of supporting others in her field and becoming a prominent name in health and wellness, St. John has a fulfilling personal life. According to Heidi Martin, vice president of health and wellness at Dairy West, St. John is an example to other professionals for her mastery of work-life balance, especially in the fast-paced business world.

St. John’s commitments prove that she is not only professional.

“As I reflect on all of the amazing things that Jaclyn has accomplished in her career and in the community, I am even more amazed that she has been able to do all of this while being a dedicated mom of two young children,” Martin says. “Jaclyn balances her commitment to her career, her community and her family, and is a great example of how a person can be a dedicated and involved parent while growing a career as a leader in the community.”

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