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Bachchi Samahon-Oumar, 2019 Excellence in Finance

Bachchi Samahon-Oumar

Financial controller,

VW & Audi of Boise

Photo by Pete Grady.

Bachchi Samahon-Oumar completed a bachelor’s degree in finance, a master’s degree in accountancy and an MBA at the University of Montana before becoming a respected leader in the Idaho business community.

A true leader motivates others to their best, not through force, but through fierce commitment, passion, and love for what they do and for those who they serve. Bachchi Samahon-Oumar is just that kind of leader and mentor.

Paul Bahnson, an emeritus professor at the Boise State University College of Business and Economics, wrote a letter of recommendation for Samahon-Oumar.

“What truly sets Bachchi apart though is his ability to motivate others to do great things,” Bahnson writes. “I have seen Bachchi at the center of many successful endeavors and it is not simple coincidence. I attribute his skills at getting people to do great things to the sincere interest he takes in them, his confidence in their abilities and his contagious enthusiasm.”

Samahon-Oumar has become a channel for those who inspired him. He has not taken those inspirations lightly, and passing it on isn’t just a hobby, it’s a full-time endeavor by which he is completely enamored.

“Everybody needs mentorship, Samahon-Oumar says. “Everybody needs coaching.”

Samahon-Oumar’s earliest mentor was his uncle, Kaim Samahon, who inspired his education and gave him the opportunity to earn his degrees in the United States. Samahon-Oumar speak about his own mentors with a gracious lightness in his voice. He tells how James Cook, former President of the University of Montana, decided to hire him as a research assistant after only 30 minutes of talking.

In 1988, Cook gave him the opportunity to go back home to Sri Lanka and promote the University of Montana for two months. It was there that Samahon-Oumar gained the skills that would later help him found the Treasure Valley CFO Forum.

When asked about his proudest accomplishment, Samahon-Oumar quickly replies that “being one of the founding members of the Treasure Valley CFO Forum,” truly fits the bill.

Using his organization and promotional skills from his trip back to Sri Lanka, Samahon-Oumar was able to turn the CFO Forum into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The organization has continued to grow, and he was made a chairman in 2011.

Samahon-Oumar has solid footing in the Idaho business community and has worked for an impressive list of companies, but the company he brought up was Syringa Networks.

Syringa Networks allowed him to really work the way he lives.

“You have to have the mentality of an adventurer — take the risk, be reactive, be flexible, and reach out,” he says.

It is this attitude that allows him to be such an integral part of those around him and the organizations he serves.

Samahon-Oumar recently started a new career with VW & Audi of Boise. As the company has never had a financial controller before, he has a big job ahead but he will undoubtedly continue to serve and delight his colleagues and friends as he continues to help Idaho flourish.

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