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Lisa Atkinson, 2019 Excellence in Finance

Lisa Atkinson

Vice president and Western Idaho business payments and technology market manager,

Zions Bank

Photo by Pete Grady.

Lisa Atkinson is a woman capable of it all. When she is not working hard for Zions bank, Atkinson is serving on the board for the American Red Cross, working as a volunteer and being a mother to her kids.

“Lisa’s love and dedication to her family, friends, and community never ceases to impress me,” writes Sara Scudder in a letter of recommendation. “She is easily one of the most compassionate people I know — the kind who goes out of her way to help those around her every day.”


Atkinson came from a strong Alaska home. Her mother was an elementary school teacher and her father was the superintendent of the largest school district in the state.

“They led by example and taught me that there’s no substitute for hard work,” writes Atkinson.

Her parents showed her that you can have it all, the career and the family. Atkinson learned that she could pursue education and goals without giving up on the important things in life. This lesson and her desire to accomplish her goals in life helped shape her into who she is now.

Getting her start in finance

While she was attending school at Pacific Lutheran University, Atkinson started her career as a part-time bank teller. After college, she came to a crossroads with her family and career. Atkinson and her husband had to decide who would stay home with the kids and who would pursue a career for the family. Atkinson and her husband agreed that she would pursue her career despite her husband’s current success at the time. When she knew her family would be well cared for, she took off up the corporate ladder.

“One of the accomplishments I’m most proud of is the strong family I’ve created with my husband and two children,” she writes. “My husband and I have always sought to provide an environment in which our children could flourish, learn positive values, and prepare to contribute to society.”

Career developments

Working her way up to where she is today, she never lost her desire to help teach others and the community around her. Atkison eventually became a mentor like the ones who helped encourage her on her journey. She often shares advice with people growing and pursuing their dreams.

“Build who you are as an individual,” Atkinson says.

Going forward in her career, Atkinson hopes to mentor her employees and help them advance their own careers. She and her team are working hard to make Zions Bank the no. 1 bank in deposits.

The digital version of Excellence in Finance 2020 is available for free download.

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