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Author Archives: Chris Langrill

Rhea Morrison, senior director of network operations, St. Luke’s Health Partners

Rhea Morrison loves a challenge. She thrives on bringing order to complex situations. George Beauregard, chief physician executive at St. Luke’s Health Partners, has seen Morrison in her element. “I consider Ms. Morrison my ‘Swiss Army Knife’ – a versatile ...

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Carlyn Blake, executive director, Ūsful Glassworks Inc.

Carlyn Blake had a life-changing moment in 2009. Little did she know at the time, but that moment would lead to a renaissance in her life, and that renaissance would be sparked by empty glass bottles. And helping people. That ...

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A. Dean Bennett, Partner, Holland and Hart LLP in Boise

Decisions, decisions. All of us make them. Some are simple: What should I buy at the store? Others are a little more life-altering. Dean Bennett had a big decision to make in 2000: Should he pursue a professional baseball career? ...

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Brian L. Webb, Owner, Brian Webb Legal

To know Brian Webb’s story is to know that he has never shied away from hard work and responsibility. So, when he decided to start his own firm in October 2013, the smart money would have been on Webb’s firm ...

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Banking: Christi Garcia

By the time she was in junior high she had already mapped out the next several years of her life, with the help of her father. “We talked about the different options throughout high school and what steps I needed ...

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