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Idaho’s biggest transit system (access required)

An early bus with National Reactor Testing Station branding on its side.

Idaho’s biggest transit agency runs 80 buses, though it will expand its fleet to 87 buses by October. It carries some 3,000 commuters every day and operates 24/7. Its shortest route distance between stops is over 35 miles and its ...

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Emergency vs. experiment FDA approval

photo of moderna vaccine

One of the claims asserted against COVID-19 vaccination is that the new vaccines lack full Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and are experimental in nature. These statements are both true and false. This Idaho Business Review (IBR) deep dive ...

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Optimism for Idaho crops dries up (access required)

How is the drought affecting Idaho’s crops? Noticeably, even with the state’s extensive irrigation network. The winter wheat harvest started in June. The July 12 United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) crop progress and condition (CPC) report recorded a gruesome ...

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RC Willey expands to Idaho Falls (access required)

RC Willey store in Meridian.

Utah’s iconic furnishings business, RC Willey, announced on July 20 that it will build one of its large furniture stores on 20 acres in Idaho Falls, with an estimated opening in late 2022. The furnishing retailer has been in business ...

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Just how bad is the drought?

A graph showing the number of days between August 1 and the date of yearly peak storage in Jackson Lake, Wyo., plotted versus the draw down on August 1. The points labeled with corresponding years are all extreme or worse drought years where draw down exceeded 150,000 acre-feet to support irrigation.

In a sound bite, this year’s water situation for the Snake River — which irrigates the bulk of Idaho’s potato and barley crops — may be the worst in 25 years. This is based on water storage data from Jackson ...

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Federal definitions of rural (access required)

Editor’s note: This article accompanies the story “When rural isn’t rural, it can hurt Idaho health care” published July 23. In researching the story of Lost River Medical Center’s surgery facility for the last year and a half, the Idaho ...

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Idaho water rights, adjudication and murder (access required)

Editor’s note: This article accompanies a commentary piece by Stephen Hartgen published in the Times-News and on idahocapitalsun.com. Idaho’s water laws use what is known as the appropriation, rather than the riparian, doctrine. Under riparian water rights, the right to ...

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